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Delete Duplicate Info in Google Contacts and Google Calendar
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20 February 2013

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Every business, company and individual today understands the importance of information as well as backing up that precious data through multiple platforms. It is essential to back up data and make copies of it due to the various data thefts and cyber crime that are invading people’s privacy. There is one common factor that people tend to forget about backing up data is that sometimes the process of data duplication occurs. This fills up the valuable storage space belonging to the user and can become quite a hassle. GG Duplicates Cleaner helps the user by deleting these duplicate files and data that are created either because of human error or PC fault.

GG Duplicates Cleaner has an easy-to-understand and interface which includes crystal clear instructions. The user does not have to go through tons of annoying steps to delete their duplicate files present in their database. The software application lets you remove duplicate data present in Google calendar and Google contacts specifically. The process of truncation is done fast and in a smooth manner leaving no space for glitches whatsoever. The application provides the user the option of using the wizard process to check and remove duplicate information in a neat and orderly fashion as the process does it in steps. The user is also provided with a choice to delete all the duplicate data in one fell swoop or take it slow and mark only specific data for truncation. On top of all his, the software application also lets the user customization of their own duplicate checking rules which can be put to use to remove duplicates according to the settings.

The software application is definitely a pleasure to work with as it deletes duplicate data without the user having to do much. GG Duplicates Cleaner gets a score of 3 out of 5 for providing the user with the ability to truncate data in easy and simple steps.

Publisher's description

GG Duplicates Cleaner lets you remove duplicate information in Google Contacts and Google Calendar quickly and smartly.
GG Duplicates Cleaner provides a wizard user interface lets you check and remove duplicate information step by step. You may delete the duplicate records you selected or delete all the duplicate records with a simple click.
GG Duplicates Cleaner also provides options let you customize your own duplicate checking rules which you may remove duplicates as you wish.
GG Duplicates Cleaner
GG Duplicates Cleaner
Version 2.1
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